Paul Ramsey

B. Milwaulkee

Northwestern U (Chemical engineering) for 2 years, then Carroll College; MA at Univ of Illinois

Started teaching at University of Wisconsin (Superior) for 3 years before applying to UBC to do a Ph.D.

Came to Canada in 1971; hired by CNC in 1974

CFF Treasurer, 1975-77

FACNC President, 1977-78

CNC Director of Adult Education Services, 1979-82

FACNC President, 1986-87

CIEA President, 1987-89

MLA Prince George North, 1991-2001 (Minister of Forests, Health, Education and Advanced Education, Finance)

CNC, UNBC instructor, 2001-5 (?)

Retiree rep on FPSE's Pension Advisory Committee

FPSE Retiree Trustee on College Pension Plan's Board of Trustees, 2015-present



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