Ernie Livesey

Tribute from May 1974 CFF Newsletter Vol. 4 no. 4 (attached)

From Martin Gerson, Langara colleague: "I was first hired at Langara on a PT contract in 1974 to replace Ernie, who had gone on leave for a year to try out a retirement lifestyle and do lots of travelling.  He returned in 1975 and I had to move to another office.  But he had enjoyed his leave and retired just a couple of years later.  He died in the early 80s, while travelling in South-east Asia.  I think he had a heart attack, and died after a few days in hospital in Kuala Lumpur." 

Vancouver Sun Obituary, January 17, 1987 (Ernie died in K.L. while on holiday on Jan 8, 1987)

From Langara College website:

Ernest E. Livesey Memorial Prize in Mathematics is awarded to recognize the student or students who annually demonstrate the highest achievement in university transferable mathematics or statistics courses.  The recipient must be nominated by a member of the Mathematics and Statistics Department, have completed at least two university-transferable mathematics or statistics courses and be enrolled in at least nine credits in the semester for which the student was nominated. They must also intend to continue with second year studies at Langara College or transfer to a BC university.  Nominated students will receive an application from the department. (Summer)